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Petroleum Information

Petroleum is refined mineral that is abstracted from crude oil and contains various substances including hydrocarbons and primarily sulphur. Petroleum in its original shape is found in green or black colors and it is called crude oil that later passes through various processes of refining. Car fuel, jet fuel, motor oil, gasoline are top petroleum products which are used as major source of transportation. Among others biodiesel, biogas, charcoal, coal gas, coke fuel, crude oil, natural gas, diesel fuel, gasoline, jet fuel and kerosene are also main petroleum products, which are being introduced by sweet crude oil manufacturers, sweet crude oil suppliers and domestic oil exporters throughout the world to remove grievances of transportation sector and help them in getting reliable products. After Venezuela some South Asian countries, especially Arabian countries including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates are count among the top producers of these products.
Rising demand of various petroleum products has caused immense pressure on wholesale dealers of these products, which has also compelled them to keep in consistent touch with leading sweet crude oil manufacturers, sweet crude oil suppliers, domestic oil exporters, natural gas oil suppliers, brent crude oil suppliers. Keeping such demand in view, we have decided to connect you with world’s leading exporters, suppliers and manufacturers of various oil and petroleum related products on our online B2B marketplace.